Hello fellow Members and Ralliers old and new .
I hope those of you that have been able to attend
the rallies that have been able to go ahead and
have enjoyed them. Unfortunately I was taken ill
back in March of this year which resulted in me
taking early retirement.
Graham and I also took the decision not to rally for a
while. However I have still been working alongside your committee behind
the scenes. Graham and I will be back on the rally field for the 1300th
which is sounding like a lot of fun we hope you will all enjoy this rally.
COVID permitting we have a very good program of rallies to move forward
with. We will attend as many as possible. Looking forward to meeting as
many of you as I can over rest of this rallying year.
We do still need rally officers for the new rally board which we hope to
have available for you to look at and offer your services as rally officers. If
we do not have rally officers, we will have to cancel which would be a
shame as there has been a lot of hard work gone in to putting the program
together by your Rally Secretary, as well as getting back to some sort of
normal. As a rally officer you do not have to put on entertainment, just
teas & coffees at meet and greet on Friday evening and again at flagpole
on Sunday, so please think about running a rally.
My I remind members with dogs, leads must be no longer than 2 meters.
Will rally officers please fill in all the relevant paperwork including the report on the defibrillator. Thank You.
The rally board is available on the website if wish to take a look. The committee hope you have looked at the new website and have found it easy to
use and informative.
We are all working hard to keep it up to date. Please feel free to email myself or any member of the committee with any questions or if there is
something you feel we need to add .
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the committee for
all their hard work over last few months keeping everything on an even
keel with all the COVID restrictions etc. Well done to you all.
Graham and I look forward to seeing you all back on the field very soon.

Sue Smith



ESCC Summer 2021