Hello Friends
Since the Spring newsletter,(mis headed the Summer Newsletter) Sandy & I have been to Peterborough Motorhome Show, which we enjoyed. Following that we attended the Early Spring Bank-holiday at Sharnfold Farm, which was enjoyed by everyone who attended, especially the children, who had their Youth Event Shelter up over
this weekend, with lots for them to do. We also held the Centre Lawn Darts at this event, the winners were Youth Savanna and Adult Malcolm J. After this we attended the Little Parrocks Farm, where we had a cream tea and a
quiz “Are you cleverer than a 10yr old” unfortunately the adults found out they’re not.
Several of you attended the Platinum Jubilee weekend at the Rye Rugby Club, feed back to me has been very favourable.
Sandy & I attended the “Club Fest formally known as the National” at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire, this was the first of this kind of event that the Club has held, there was an open air stage and there was a seating area in the arena. There were sports events taking place over the event and a chance for a lot of the new attendees, to find out about
the Regions and Centres and what we’re all about. Hopefully we will gain some new members from this.
The Royhill Wood event was carried out at the end of one of the hottest weeks this year. Those that attended
made the most of the weather (despite the thunder storm Sat night) and good company.
This Newsletter is due on the 1st July at Fairfeilds Farm, Pevensey, were we have been promised there will be a chance to see Ducklings hatch and lots of other things planned.
The Ladies & Chairman’s Charity is mid July, we will hold a Macmillan coffee
morning to raise some funds for this years charity. The 2023 Event board is now on line and on show at our events, please put your names down for an event next year or we may not have a programme to run. If you feel you can assist with any of the above please contact me.

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