Hello fellow members and ralliers.
Graham and I can not believe it is the start of another quarter. May I also say
thank you for entrusting your club to me for another year.
We are living in unprecedented times and although Chris is working hard on a
rally program. He is finding it hard to get schools to allow us to use their grounds.
They really don’t want outsiders on their premises. As we are now in the winter
months we do rely heavily on schools for the hard standing. There is a program
being put together however there are a lot of spaces for rally officers. So please
come forward to run a rally your committee and myself are all wiling to help out. If
these places are not filled we may have cancel which would be a shame after being unable to go out for such a long time.
Your committee is working hard to find things to do through the winter to keep
rallying going so have decided to do virtual rallies once again. This could be via
zoom or Facebook. Please keep an eye on the website and Facebook for information.
By the time this news letter goes out we will have had a preview of the new website. Sandy and Bob along side Jez have been working hard on, so a big thank
you to them. We hope you the members will find the new website informative and
easy to use. If you have any questions please feel free to ask we value your input
to your club.
We have had a zoom and Facebook dinner dance which was an interesting experiment thank you to all that attended. There was a Christmas party with Father
Christmas and a lot of fun.
I will put up dates from time to time on the website and Facebook as things
change. With the guidance from government and also club .
Graham and myself hope you all have a good Christmas and have a Happy and
prosperous New Year.
Graham and myself can not wait until we can get out on the field. We look forward
to meeting you out on the field and having fun again.
Kind regards
Sue Smith

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