1. Booking slips must be received by the Events Officer / Marshall 14 days before the event, except where an earlier date is shown in rally details. Failure to comply with this request may mean that no plaque will be available. Some events may require a deposit with a separate booking form. Please indicate when booking if entertainment is required (optional). Normal weekend event entertainment can be up to £3.00 + VAT per adult (16yrs and over) with children at reduced rate, children 5yrs of age and under are free.
  2. Cancellation of an event prior to 72hrs before the start of the event, you will not be charged for entertainment. This does not apply if it is for a medical problem. It is courtesy to inform the Events Officers if you have booked and are unable to attend.
  3. The personal data you provide is collected and processed for the purpose of booking and running a Centre event. We assume any personal data you provide relating to other individuals is done so with their consent.
  4. Payments of special entertainment charges as printed in the programme are also required when booking. For further information on Entertainment fees see Centre Newsletters.
  5. Events normally commence at 12 noon on Friday and finish at 6pm on the Sunday during the summer months and commence at 12 noon Friday and finish at 4pm during the winter months unless otherwise stated in the event book.
  6. Persons should co-operate with the Events Officers / Marshall by adhering to their requests.
  7. Saving of places is at the Events Officers / Marshall discretion, but should only be for one place.
  8. All visitors must report to the Rally Office on arrival and park as directed. Only one car permitted to be parked beside each unit on the Event Field.
  9. Speed limit of 5 mph must be observed at all times on the site.
  10. Only fully qualified drivers to drive on Events field – see Safety on Events notes in this book.
  11. All domestic animals must be on leads not exceeding 6ft at all times and exercised away from the outfits. If they poop you must scoop.
  12. The maximum of one pup tent is permitted per unit, occupants to be the responsibility of the Club member. Please indicate when booking and inform the Events Officers / Marshall on arrival if a pup tent is used.
  13. Toilets must be emptied where specified and not taken near the drinking water tap.
  14. Sink wastewater may be emptied in hedgerows or ditches unless otherwise directed.
  15. Pitching of late-night arrivals is at the Events Officers / Marshall discretion.
  16. No ball games or other boisterous games are to be held near the outfits.
  17. All refuse must be taken home unless otherwise directed.
  18. No holes or marks to be dug in the ground.
  19. The Centre Committee reserves the right to request any member to remove their outfit if, in their opinion the member causes the image of the Club to be at risk. Foul language will not be tolerated.
  20. The Centre or its Officers cannot accept responsibility for any damage or loss incurred, except that covered by the Caravan Club.
  21. Noise or other activity between 11pm and 8am must not cause annoyance to other Persons.
  22. Any information, suggestions or complaints must first go to the Events Officers / Marshall, as it is their event.
  23. Fees must be paid at the time requested.
  24. Generators are not normally accepted on normal weekend events.
  25. All contracts and agreements must be forwarded to the committee for signature by an Officer of the Centre.
  26. When the YELLOW pennant is flying from the flagpole. NO MOVEMENT of vehicles is permitted without the express permission of the Events Officers / Marshall.

General Information


Events limited to 25 vans or under may require a non-returnable deposit with booking. The overall fee to be charged including administration charge for the event is shown in the details for each separate event. This would normally be for a minimum two nights. Holiday events are normally charged on a nightly pro-rata basis. Direction signs to events will be posted to assist members. All members are reminded to carry their membership card.